Nancy Gimmestad, an experienced, fee-only Certified Financial Planner™, will show you the answers. 

She will give you an objective, understandable cash flow analysis showing when you can afford to retire, how long your retirement assets are likely to last and what you can expect from both inflation and economic downturns.

Nancy will also help you find the best option for both your pension plan and your Social Security benefit

Most important, you will find out what, if anything,  you need to do to ensure a financially secure retirement--even through the tough times. 

 No charge for an introductory session.

Two Payment Options:

1.  A stand alone analysis and retirement plan for a fee.

2.  The same thorough analysis and retirement plan at no cost, along with:

  •  an investment plan for your retirement assets, tailored to your needs and priorities
  • to get you started on the right path, one-year of investment advice and supervision,  with a quarterly fee deducted from your investment account.


Retired already? It's not too late.

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No obligation, No sales pitch 

Do you Know

When you can afford to retire?

How long your retirement fund will last?

How inflation shrinks retirement assets?

Don't Know? You Should.

Who is Nancy?

Before you begin working with a financial advisor, you should know something about her. 

How can she help?

 Consider what she can and cannot do.  

Do you want to talk to Nancy?

She will be delighted to hear from you. (No risk.  She won't call you without your invitation.). 

How About Social Security?


Medicare Supplements?